Question about repository versions and local repos

Hi again :wave:

I had an issue with a repository (v2) I keep on Minio (s3), namely “pack not found” issue and I wanted to investigate it. I moved it to somewhere else and wanted to reach to the repository directly, rather than s3: method.

So I kept the same RESTIC_PASSWORD_FILE variable, unset all AWS_* variables and changed the RESTIC_REPOSITORY variable to the folder name. Now I only have the following:

~> env | grep -i "restic\|aws"

But now when I want to open this repository:

~> restic snapshots
Load(<key/b96b82c653>, 0, 0) returned error, retrying after 552.330144ms: read /data/backup/persistent_backups/gurkan-check-broken-repo/keys/b96b82c653b838610d27e551cf1c6aef1ac5c8c92b1ce35eb66aa3db5ed90b86: is a directory
Load(<key/b96b82c653>, 0, 0) returned error, retrying after 1.080381816s: read /data/backup/persistent_backups/gurkan-check-broken-repo/keys/b96b82c653b838610d27e551cf1c6aef1ac5c8c92b1ce35eb66aa3db5ed90b86: is a directory

I got this “error”, which looks like the binary is too old and can’t handle v2 repositories, but I have the following binary:

~> restic version
restic 0.14.0 (v0.14.0-37-g6c69f08a) compiled with go1.19 on linux/amd64

And it has no issues listing the snapshots if I copy the same repository to its old place, and access over s3: path.

Am I missing something, or should I file a bug report? This looks like a bug but I can’t explain :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time

How did you move/copy this repository from S3 to your /data/backup/persistent_backups/gurkan-check-broken-repo?

What does ls -la /data/backup/persistent_backups/gurkan-check-broken-repo/keys/b96b82c653b838610d27e551cf1c6aef1ac5c8c92b1ce35eb66aa3db5ed90b86 output?

Sounds to me like the move/copy was done in error (since the key file is not a file but a directory).

Oh, now I see what is going on. Turns out not a restic issue (again :wink:).

Looks like minio is replacing files with folders (and keeping the data inside that folder, appending the metadata). So I don’t think I can access those directly. There is a 'xl.meta` file in this “folder”.

Again sorry for the noise and thanks for help :slight_smile: