Question About GCS And Lifecycle/TTL


I have a quick question that I’ve been unable to find an answer for about restic and GCS object lifecycle. Our previous backup solution relied on setting a time to live of 90 days on any object stored in a bucket. Every seven days, we would force a full backup and then incremental backups in between so there was never a concern about what happened to the old backups past 90 days. With the way restic performs backups, it seems like it would be a bad idea to use a TTL on a bucket and instead rely on restic’s forget/prune options and policy settings. Is that the case?

Any information would be appreciated and thanks for an amazing product!

  • Bryan

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It is indeed not a good idea to automatically remove the files which are older, it may happen (as you already said) that such an old file is still referenced by a snapshot. Better keep all the files and let restic sort it out (via prune/forget).

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Thanks for the confirmation!