Problems restoring Sym-Links

Hi all,
since 0.15.0 i 've got the following error while restoring.

When i restore the same snapshot with 0.14.0 there is no problem/error restoring.
Is that like issue #3780?

restic 0.14.0 silently skipped symlinks on windows. Since restic 0.15.0 (see issue2699: restore symlinks on windows when run as admin user by fgma · Pull Request #2875 · restic/restic · GitHub) it tries to restore them, but fails due to missing permissions in your case. For the paths shown in the screenshot you can probably just ignore them. Alternatively, exclude these specific symlinks from the backup.

Thx for ur fast reply.
This happens even if i restore with admin priviliges.

PS: Or happens this because i used the workaround (in windows) to restore the data to a tmp directory (for example d:\tmp.…) and move the files from there to the original destination (c:\users\USERNAME.…).