Possible to create snapshot older than current

Hi I am new to restic.
Firstly I wanna thank all the people who made this great project and community.
Secondly my question is the following:

I have backups taken manually ( :open_mouth: yeah I know) using rsync so I would like to migrate all these with restic because of all the great features it offers.
Of course I don’t want to restore all them, but put them directly as snapshots in a repository.
Is that possible ? If yes how ?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, and welcome to the forum! With a recent version of restic (e.g. 0.7.3) you could use restic backup --time to set the timestamp for the new snapshot. Does that help?


Thanx for your quick reply. I will definitely try this out and report back !

Hi again. Now I’ve come to another problem. Well in order to migrate my old backups to restic I have to move them one by one the same directory - target.
Because like the restic help reference says

When you backup the same directory again (maybe with new or changed files) restic will find the old snapshot in the repo and by default only reads those files that are new or have been modified since the last snapshot.

Is it possible to modify or set the snapshot directory ?
Thanx :slight_smile:

no, that’s not possible at the moment. But it’s not a huge problem, the worst that happens is that restic reads all files again, but no duplicate data will be stored in the repo.

Oh! Ok, when deduplication works on diferent directories too, than that’s fine :smiley: