Pass rclone parameter from restic

My goal is to use restic to backup a Google Drive directory to non-local endpoint.

As far as I know I can’t have a source and a target both rclone end points. So, in a separate window I rclone-mounted my source Google Drive directory and then am calling:

$ cd /media/GoogleDrive
$ restic -r rclone:Dropbox:/Backups/GoogleDrive backup --tag daily --ignore-inode --ignore-ctime ./

But, when I run this twice in a row I am consistently getting a set of files that are “modified”. For standard rclone copy commands, I believe it might have used rclone’s “modify-window” parameter (e.g., “–modify-window=2s”).

So, I was wondering how I could pass rclone’s “–modify-window” parameter through restic. I had seen on previous post about a different rclone parameter and it suggested “restic … -o rclone.=value” but restic came back and said “rclone.modify_window” (and “rclone.modify-window”, tried both) does not exist.

So, is there a way to pass an rclone parameter through the restic call? (Or is there a better way to do this without copying locally and then restic?).

I don’t know which of rclone’s varia nvironment Variablesbles are exposed to restic but the easiest solution would be to use environment variables.