Output excluded files

I am creating my excluded file, and incrementing verbosing only list new files; is there a way to list “ignored” files/folders so I can check if everything is working as expected?


There’s no option to do that directly, but you can use restic ls on a snapshot to list its content, or restic diff to compare two snapshots (for example if you have modified the exclude file).

I am using it on a production server, backup is quite long, and files may have just vanished between copies, so diff wouldn’t be the best option.
For my testing purposes the perfect solution would be a dry-run mode to avoid uploading unnecessary files and in verbose options list new, modified, and ignored files/dirs.

Adding p.VV("ignored %v", item); to selectByNameFilter when false should do the second part.

I also want to verify that my excludes are as expected.

I’ve commented on the above suggesting adding a ignored to go along with the already implemented new and modified.