Newbie here. Question re specify multiple folders for backup

Ubuntu 21.04 on a laptop. No network, no servers.
I’m a newbie, so please avoid highly technical responses. Keep it basic if possible.
For the past few months I’ve been doing a restic backup to my external USB connected drive using the command sudo restic -r /media/advait/Krishna2TB/rr --verbose backup ~/
If I understand correctly, this command is backing up everything in my “Home” directory.
This has been working well. I check/prune/cleanup the repo once every 3 weeks or so. All good. I’ve got 43 snapshots in my repo.

Now I want to specify that restic only backup certain directories. Here’s my guess as to what the new command would be:
sudo restic -r /media/advait/Krishna2TB/rr --verbose backup ~/Applications ~/AUFs ~/Documents ~/Downloads ~/Music ~/Pictures ~/snap ~/Videos
This look correct?

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Looks OK to me. :+1: Backup command supports multiple targets.


@gurkan Thanks. I’ll proceed with the backup. You’ve got “gur” in your name which is close to “guru” so I trust you. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


That was the first time I hear such thing, but thanks :laughing:

Feel free to ask if it causes any issues.

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@gurkan Will do. Thanks again. Cheers.