New user : first backup broken pipe

I’m using restic for the first time. Using Backblaze B2 as my backend. Every time I execute a backup, about an hour in, I get a broken pipe error and the process stops. I understand that this is because the ssh connection failed. What can be done to solve the problem?

I’m running Restic on Fedora 27.

Try again with restic 0.8.1 which was just released. There was an issue with handling SIGPIPE that caused this problem on restic 0.8.0. I updated to a beta version after 0.8.0 and it fixed the issue for me.

The problem is discussed in this bug report (ignore the issue title and read the thread if you’re interested):

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Thanks so much for the help. Release 0.8.1 did in fact solve the broken pipe issue for me and I was able to complete a large (1 Tb) backup successfully.

Great! I’m glad it worked out for you. I was in a similar situation with B2 and a 1.4 TB backup set and all is well with restic 0.8.1.