New restic user

Long-time Linux user, just started using restic. It works great for me. So far, backing up to a local USB drive. I had two repos going at once, and my system load was about 14. This is much higher than normal, but did not seem to overload anything. Anyone advise on how many repos I can have going at once ?

Also, my next step is to backup to either Google One or Dropbox. I currently rclone to Dropbox, but I am open to switching to Google One. I think the Google Cloud Server option is more than I need right now.

Nice to have you here!

How many repos you can back up to at the same time depends on your computer’s resources, manly available memory and CPU. I’ve only ran two at a time, works fine. A few more probably wouldn’t be a problem either. Just try it if you need it.

You can use any of the backends rclone supports with restic, so you can just keep using Dropbox if you want. It’s entirely up do you :slight_smile:

Also, make sure you use the current version of restic which is 0.10.0!