Need some clarification on restic prune slowness 0.9.5

Hi Team,
as per the Github issue #2718, noticed that restic prune slowness issue was fixed and the changes were merged in the Project.

  1. I am using restic, storing the repo in AWS S3 bucket. restic version details below
    restic 0.9.5 compiled with go1.11.5 on linux/amd64
  2. Have installed restic using YUM on centos.
  3. OS Version: CentOS Linux release 7.7.1908 (Core)

Looking for some answers. Please help
Question 1: How can i download the prune fix (#2718) into my machine? in another means how can I make my current restic binary to have the latest prune fixes?
Question 2: Do I need to do restic self-update? will that help?

Appreciate your response.

Please note that this PR, #2718, has not yet been merged into the restic source code. It’s still not completely finished.

To build that specific PR, go to and clone that Git repository. Then check out the branch new-cleanup-command. Then run go run build.go in the folder where the build.go file is. This should produce a restic binary that you can run and that will contain the changes in this PR. Obviously you need to have Git and Go installed to do this :slight_smile:

No, you need to do what I wrote above.

Hi rawtaz,
That was a quick response, thanks for the detailed steps. a couple of questions based on your answer
question 3: when can we expect the PR#2718 changes available in source code?
question 4: if i go ahead and use the new PR binary as you suggested ? will it break backup/restore using restic ? i mean can i replace yum restic binary with new PR binary in my ongoing backup/restore jobs?

i am little concerned with the data here as it critical (prod) for us. new to restic, learning :slight_smile:

Please note that is no longer included in my new-cleanup-command tree but highly recommended as it saves the re-reading of all pack headers. I can provide binaries which include PRs #2718 and #2842 if you like to test them.

About Question 4: It most likely won’t break your repo and I’m using it for all my repos regularly. But it is alpha code and has not been reviewed, so there might be some issues still within. I would not recommend to use it yet for critical data.

Sorry, I cannot give a useful time frame on that. It might be a few weeks I suppose, but no promises at all. It’s done when it’s done. If you need this right now, please follow up on @alexweiss’s offer, or build it yourself :slight_smile:

Understood :slight_smile: . Thanks for you time.

ok, Thank You @alexweiss. could you please share me the binaries, i will try it in my test environment.

I saved some binaries in the test-prune tree (which is the current master + #2718 + #2842:

linux binary
windows binary

Use with care and never use binaries from untrusted sources on anything except test systems!


Just wanted to inform that the enhancements are now merged and available in the latest beta builds. I also removed the test-prune branch.

and you can get pre-build binaries from :slight_smile: