Multiple repos w/user definable redundancy

This is probably a bit much, but I just thought of it and thought I’d throw it out there.

What if we could use multiple repos for expanded storage? Say I need to back up 2TB of data, but only have three 2TB drives. If I could make three repos, I could “span” the drives. And possibly use some redundancy switch to help guard against a single drive failure?

Again, probably more than this project currently wants to tackle, but hey it could be a good idea haha

@akrabu, IMHO you are trying to reinvent ZFS inside restic :wink:
Seriously, my advice is to build a ZFS pool with those disks and then put your restic repo on it.

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RAID10 across the three devices would also work.

This is something that should be handled at the storage management layer (ZFS, mdadm, and/or LVM) and not in restic.

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+1 for ZFS. There’s a bit of learning at first, but nowadays I build all my machines with it :+1:

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Haha makes sense. I’ll have to look into ZFS. Haven’t messed with it but I’ve heard a lot about it. Hopefully it works well with Macs.

OpenZFS On OSX (or O3X as it’s intimately called) works great! I’m personally using it (and on our restic backup server, no less) for the last 4 months on a 24x7 basis, and it has not given me any trouble, not even a hiccup. The developers, led by lundman, do an incredible job and are available all the time on irc:// for questions and help.

I can’t recommend O3X well enough, if it wasn’t for it our project just wouldn’t have been feasible.

A note of caution, tho: they have released the very feature-rich version 1.9.0 a few days ago, and are actively chasing and fixing bugs on it. There are no showstoppers afaik, but if you need stability more than the new features, you might do well to start with the previous stable version (v1.8.2), which is what I’m still using here.

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