Mirror sources on one repo


Here is the scenario timeline

  • Year 1 - Family buys a Mac on which several accounts are setup, one for Dad, one for Mum etc.
    Mac gets a TimeMachine backup

  • Year 2 - Mum gets a new Mac. So that she gets back everythings from her account on the old one, the TimeMachine backup is restored on the brand new Mac.

Result is both machines are getting the same accounts (/Users/Mum, /Users/Dad, etc), from time to time it happens that Mum uses Dad’s Mac with her account, and sometimes Dad uses Mum’s machine with his account (each one understands that they don’t get to retrieve the same files).

Of course the other result is that we can benefit a lot of deduplication here as a lot of files are on both machines…What if I send both /Users on the same repo ?

Thanks for your help