Make restic mount message configurable

The message that appears when a repository is mount could easily be misunderstood.

I am not a programmer but wouldnt It be an easy thing to make this message configurable via text file. This way everybody could adopt this message based on the “intended user”


How can the message be understood? Can you please elaborate on that? What would you like to change it to?

I think the user interface for the mount command needs to be improved a lot, and I’d like your feedback :slight_smile:

I would qualify myself as a technical guy and when I read the message I would believe I need to do an unmount. I learned that this is not always necessary and people can be irritated if the unmount is not possible but your message tells them that this is important.

In my special use case I want to give an non technical person access to the backups where the mount command is hidden in a “” shell script and then the user is able to browse the repo via smb.

So in my special case I would like to provide a message like:

"backups are ready" 
"look for your files at \\backupserver\backups"
"when finished press control c and type <sudo restart>"

(I know restart is not necessary but safer. )

This is certainly not a common message for everybody so this it why I would like to have something like a parameter where I can provide my own personal message

I’m hesitant to add such a feature for a very special use case. We’ll rework the mount user interface and make it behave more like e.g. sshfs, which is “load the essential data to make sure access to the repo works, then exit with zero exit code (and fork into the background)”. You can then wait for restic mount to exit cleanly, and then print your own message.

that would be fine too. as long as there is no process waiting in foreground for a ctrl d :smile: