Make restic more attractive for obnam users


Ideally --exclude-if-present‎ should be possible to use multiple times, I hope that’s the case :slight_smile:


Ah, you’re right. I’ve added that in


Btw, Just updated restic on my laptop and got followed:

invalid signature in exclusion tagfile “/home/…/…/CACHEDIR.TAG”

Thanks a lot for such warning! It was empty CACHEDIR.TAG


Nice, that turns out to be very user friendly. Thank @fawick for that warning :slight_smile:


Hi fd0 and other devs,

great job, thank you!

Some of the things I’m missing most are already on the issue tracker:

  • Config file support (#16)
  • Compression (#21)

Here’s some things I did not find a tracked issue for:

  • pull backups without a server component (i.e. over plain sftp)
  • something similar to obnam nagios-last-backup-age
  • option to verify snapshot against live data


Thanks for the additional ideas. The mode for pulling backups is tracked in #299.