Mac: Restic BitBar Plugin (List Latest Snapshots)

So I wrote a thing for Mac users. I haven’t added it to the BitBar GitHub yet, but I thought I’d give you guys a sneak peak.

export B2_ACCOUNT_ID=
export B2_ACCOUNT_KEY=

echo “:owl:
echo “—”
echo “Latest Snapshots”
echo “—”
usr/local/bin/restic snapshots -c | grep “:” | tail
echo “↻ Refresh| terminal=false refresh=true”

It’s just an easy way to see your last 10 snapshots. You can manually refresh in the menu, or wait 6 hours and it will do it automatically. You can change the time in the filename to anything you’d like (yep, that’s how it works). For instance:

  • - ten seconds
  • - one minute
  • - two hours
  • - a day

Install BitBar, go to Preferences, then Open Plugin Folder, decompress this script into the folder, and add your exports to the top of the script. :slight_smile: