Low threads count support...?

Hi there,

Not sure if “Getting help” or “Feature suggestion”.
I have a crappy shared server somewhere without root, and with what seems to be a very low max thread count. I have a wordpress instance on it, and I’d like to back it up sometimes.

First thing, I couldn’t build restic myself, as the go run build would throw errors:
Stuff like pthread_create failed: Resource temporarily unavailable were printed.

So I grabbed the precompiled restic, and I could run it.
Created a bucket, and was ready to make a backup. And then when making the actual backup I got owned again:
runtime: failed to create new OS thread (have 12 already)
fatal error: newosproc

Question: is there a way to tell restic to use a max thread counts? Like is there a compile option somewhere, or an hidden command line argument?

If not, do you guys think this would be a nice feature request?
I’m a dev myself and I honesty do not think that is an easy feature, nor does it seems very helpful either as the majority of us have decent server and will never encounter this issue.


You can try to set GOMAXPROCS to something low… But I’m not sure that it’ll help.

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Dude, that totally worked!
and now everything runs fine!

Guess I will put this in my bashrc so that everything golang can run fine on my restricted instance!
FYI ended up finding out that I’m on a CloudLinux instance. Figures.

Thanks dionorgua!