Load(<data/fc655a3546>, 591, 7463036) returned error -- can I recover from this?

Hi all,

I recently setup a backup for ~600GB of data with restic and rclone to my OneDrive. As this was my first time using this toolstack, I uploaded the data in increments to see what is happening:

restic backup --verbose /path/to/folder/a


restic backup --verbose /path/to/folder/a /path/to/folder/b

Once I figured this works well, I changed the path to

restic backup --verbose /path/to/folder/

and let the machine upload all the rest of the data. Yesterday, close to the end of the initial upload, my Internet connection got a bit flaky and the connection might have dropped once. However, the upload succeeded without any warnings that sounded critical.

I checked the snapshots and decided to prune all but the last snapshot and to check the backup

restic forget --keep-last 1 --prune
restic check

I get quite numerous erros like

Load(<data/fc655a3546>, 591, 7463036) returned error, retrying after 515.573761ms: <data/fc655a3546> does not exist
Load(<data/fc6866348f>, 591, 5270590) returned error, retrying after 521.718485ms: <data/fc6866348f> does not exist
Load(<data/fc69c6d6a8>, 591, 5359714) returned error, retrying after 343.300131ms: <data/fc69c6d6a8> does not exist
[9:00:39] 100.00%  131180 / 131180 packs
repository contains 131180 packs (533973 blobs) with 635.172 GiB
processed 533973 blobs: 0 duplicate blobs, 0 B duplicate
load all snapshots
find data that is still in use for 4 snapshots
[0:12] 100.00%  4 / 4 snapshots
found 533973 of 533973 data blobs still in use, removing 0 blobs
will remove 0 invalid files
will delete 0 packs and rewrite 0 packs, this frees 0 B
counting files in repo
rclone: 2020/09/15 06:22:37 ERROR : data/80: error listing: couldn't list files: activityLimitReached: throttledRequest: The request has been throttled
rclone: 2020/09/15 06:25:53 ERROR : data: list failed: fserrors.wrappedRetryError{error:(*api.Error)(0xc000a0f710)} fserrors.wrappedRetryError
List(data) returned error, retrying after 416.576389ms: List failed, server response: 404 Not Found (404)
Load(<data/05a5c6d873>, 591, 4314322) returned error, retrying after 374.734347ms: <data/05a5c6d873> does not exist
Load(<data/05a543a03f>, 591, 6020290) returned error, retrying after 607.398113ms: <data/05a543a03f> does not exist
Load(<data/05a5d02cc3>, 591, 4232321) returned error, retrying after 658.673892ms: <data/05a5d02cc3> does not exist

Will this be fixed once the operation has finished or is this something you cannot recover from?

Thanks for answers.

These errors are for a different file each time and they don’t recur for the same file by the looks of it. Seems like the server is returning a 404 error on the first request but then has the file on the second request. I would say it’s nothing worth worrying about, particularly if restic check reports success (even if there are transient errors like this).

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Yeah, you are most probably right. After all these errors (my connection even crashed once) I got a “success” in the end. I re-run the check now and see what happens. Thanks.

That looks not healthy:

    pack 86862319: does not exist
    pack aa5e4615: does not exist
    pack bbcdb0b5: does not exist
    pack c99c63eb: does not exist
    pack d4070fb6: does not exist
    pack 56008708: does not exist
    pack 4ee37bb3: does not exist
    pack 5c0a9ee7: does not exist
    pack f9184e39: does not exist
    pack 893a90d4: does not exist
    pack a6be2bc7: does not exist
    pack 516c3035: does not exist

And yes: the repo is dead: Fatal: repository contains errors. sigh

I’m not sure I’d store my repo on OneDrive given that it has limitations like the ones you’re experiencing.

Can you browse the contents of the OneDrive and verify that those pack files are really missing?

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