Is there a way to compare a file between all snapshots?

I have more than 120 snapshots for one particular path, all the snapshots have files changed so there is no two identical snapshots but there are identical files between the snapshots ofc, now what I want to do is to compare a certain file between all the snapshots to know in which snapshots the file is different so I can download them all and inspect the content, I know we can compare two snapshots but if I would do that it would take me a massive amount of time so is there a way to get a list of the snapshots in which a file is different?

Something like if in the snapshots 1 to 90 the file checksum is ABCD, from 91 to 100 is DEFG and from 101 to 120 is HIJK then I would get a list with only 3 snapshots.

I’m using Windows. Thank you.

You mean something like this?

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Yes, that’s exactly what I was looking for, hopefully someone can work on this. Thanks you.