Infinite retention for deleted files


I didn’t try your script, I am doing with a testing repository, changing tags editing config each time (to better remember snapshot number) and deleting snaptshots manually; is it possible than when using rescript testrepo forget it is not working?

By the way, I don’t think it will work for me, I have a 4Tb archive and /tmp isn’t big enough; but I want to make it work :wink:


@enboig Okay, sorry then. I don’t using think rescript testrepo forget have any problems. Rescript just wraps restic commands and using it that way is like using restic forget; obviously, you have to specify the snapshots you want to forget or policies, that way, because forget for rescript is just part of an array of restic commands you can use. So, short answer, rescript testrepo forget [flags|snapshotID|policies] should work just fine.

If you want to use the part of the “archive” you can just copy it to your own script and edit the paths used for restore|backup; so right now it creates /tmp/archive. You can just edit it and point it to /home/enboig/archive for example; also, edit the variables containing these paths so at the end it deletes the correct directories.


Sorry, I didn’t explain myself.
To make some test I started making backup, archive, modify files, backup, archive, modify, … and then forge to test what was happening, but I think v4 of the script isn’t working, I don get any snapshot with specific tag


@enboig as a matter of fact, I was doing some testing yesterday for this too and that’s why I mentioned that in the latest “v4.1” I made some changes rsync related, which is what it is used in the script to sync the latest “archive” with the newest. If you’re using v4.0 you should be able to run rescript update and it will update itself; in case that doesn’t work, then download the .deb (if using some debian/debian-based distribution) in the releases page or just simply follow the installation instructions. I don’t know if this is the right forum to discuss something related to this, so feel free to open an issue or email me (my email is displayed when you type rescript help), and if you don’t mind, try to explain your situation; I’m more than happy to help. As for the snapshots, in any version of the script, if the tag you specified exists, it should work when using rescript testrepo snapshots --tag [yourtag].