How to restore All System


Have try more tests exemple :

restic --repo /tmp/backup backup --one-file-system / --exclude /tmp/backup*

But that no restore correctly in chroot.

Have try other exemple : restic --repo /tmp/backup backup / --exclude-file=~/exclude


That is a same in chroot this not restore correctly the backup.
Service is dead in /dev/null have other problem.

You have other idea ? is impossible to restore simply the backup ?

Best Regards

Hi @liberodark and welcome to the restic community forum! :slight_smile:

So as I see in your restic command, you are making use of the argument --one-file-system.
Can you run the command df on your linux machine and post the output here for us?
It may be that your backup does not include all the files that you are hoping to back up in the first place.

Also have you done some searching in the forum to see if other people have had similar problems or for any other information regarding a full system backup and restore? I know this was discussed here and on GitHub in various threads.

@liberodark You say that the restore isn’t correct, but you don’t explain in what way it’s not correct. You don’t explain the symptoms of the problem.

If you don’t tell us what you are not seeing, that you expect to see, then there’s not much we can do to help. You need to be more specific and explain the actual symptoms of the problem.