How to exclude filelist from snapshot?


I want to backup my home Folder by using find -print0 and restic backup --files-from-raw as described in the manual. Unfortunately, this creates snapshot files, which include all files from this list in the path attribute and my snapshot files reach a size of around 256 MB. Furthermore the parent snapshot is not detected automatically. Is there a way to overwrite the path attribute of the snapshot?


At this point in time, no.

What on earth are you doing that’s producing a list making a snapshot file 256 MB large? How many paths is that anyway, and why do you need that granularity?

I just want to use something like per folder .gitignore. Since this is (not yet ?) implemented, I use fd to generate my file list. My current workflow looks like this:

fd -uu0 -tf --ignore-file .backup-exclude > /tmp/filelist
restic backup --files-from-raw=/tmp/filelist

I searched a little bit more and found, which is basically the same issue. This might get solved by pull request 3200 (can’t post link due to restriction, maybe whitelist links to documentation/github).