How to check which repo was used for snapshot?

I did a : restic backup -v -v and piped the output to a file. It gives me TONs of information but I wanted to check which repository I had sent the backup to. (Since I’m still testing, I have one local file repo and one on Wasabi) I couldn’t find the target repository anywhere in the output.

I believe this should be essential information stuck right at the beginning. Hope this can be incorporated.

What problem are you trying to solve by wanting this? What’s the use case? Considering you already know the repository at the time that you run the backup.

You are absolutely right that I DID know the repository that I ‘thought’ I was backing up to. However since as I explained I am still trying out different things there was one backup I did which I thought was on Wasabi but then I wasn’t 100% sure and wanted to check.

I’m hoping this is quite a small enhancement, specially as so much else is already included in the -v=2 flag.

Feel free to open a feature request on GitHub if you think it’s important and that there’s a use case. I’m just not sure when you actually need this, hence the question about what the actual practical use case is.

Thanks I’ll do that. I plan to have multiple repositories with different suppliers so when I look at the output of one backup snapshot it would be good to know where it has gone rather than have to search for it across each repository with each supplier.