How does Restic handle file changes?

I have two questions regarding how Restic handles changes, specifically how it affects offsite performance.

If I have a 100G folder that I have backed up. I then change the folders name or move it somewhere else on the file system, how does Restic handle this? Will it know enough to just update directory records, or will it start syncing 100G?

If I have say 100G single file, and I change 1G of it, will Restic need to upload the entire file, or can it update what has changed while maintaining versioning?

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  • Modified meta data will be uploaded, like new filenames, directory structure etc.

  • New data will be uploaded, meaning data which is not in the repo already. In other words, only modified parts of files will be updated.

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A more detailed answer can be found at What happens if a directory is moved or renamed?
hope this helps your understanding.

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