Gateway timeout errors

Hi im sort of a noob when it comes to linux but was able to get restic installed and start a backup to my digital oceanspace. problem is the backup runs for a while and always errors out, ive been trying for some weeks now but always get the same error, could this really just be a time-out ? if so restic is not handling it. my internet is pretty stable , cant speak for the digitalocean space tho. errors is below.

this forum is hyper linking everything so i cant post here…dumb i uploaded a screenshot

file with the errors.

Hi, welcome to the forum!

While I haven’t tested DO Spaces personally, there were a couple of reports that restic does not work so well with them, e.g. There seems to be some kind of rate-limiting in place, and when restic retries a request, the server responds that the file on the server already exists. This is different from the behavior of other S3 implementations (like Minio for example).

I don’t have access to DO, so I cannot test this backend, sorry.

I’ve rerformatted your forum post a bit, in the future when you want to paste raw data, do that between two lines which contain three backticks (`) each, then the forum will just render it in verbatim.

ok well that makes me feel better, although DO is really pushing and promoting the use of restic and their service. Maybe i will open a ticket with them. I dont mind switching storage providers really. thanks for your response

Interesting, I didn’t know that they endorse restic. I’ll try to get a contact there.