FUSE file system for (read-only) mounting a backup

Hi just wondering is it possible to write a FUSE file system that exposes a Restic repo (e.g. S3-compatible backend) as a file system? I guess it would have to be read-only at least initially.

Not trivial but no major roadblocks right? Maybe writing an rclone backend for Restic then relying on “rclone mount” for the file system would also work?

Can you describe your use case? What is it that you’re trying to do? :slight_smile:

rclone already has a mount command which exposes a repo in a mountpoint, and there already is the rclone backend in restic… I’m trying to understand ehat you’re trying to do…

If I understand your question right you are asking for a feature that already exists: restic mount

On re-reading your initial post, I agree with @mortim that you’re probably looking for the already existing restic mount command, is that possible?

Thanks folks sorry I don’t know how I missed “restic mount”.

Right, I want to be able to easily view files using my desktop apps (e.g. macOS Preview) that are in a restic backup.