Forget policies?


I’m looking to move from duplicati over to restic.
Most of it is smooth sailing, one thing I’m struggling a bit with is the retention policies.

For duplicati, i have “1M:1D,2Y:1W,99Y:1M”, which means:

  • for the first month, keep 1 per day
  • for the first 2 years, keep 1 per week
  • for the rest, keep 1 per month

I’m wondering how this translates to --keep parameters. The first is easy, but the second and third…

Ok, replying to myself, I guess it’s

One per day for a month: --keep-daily=31
One per week for 2 years: --keep-weekly=104
One per month for 99 years (forever): --keep-monthly=1188

unless I’m wrong? :slight_smile:

Looks good to me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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