Forget and changed files list

I’ve created my first test snapshot. Then i changed the included files list and created the second one. Then i changed the list again and created the third one.

Then i run resticr forget --verbose --keep-daily 1 --prune and see all the 3 snapshots left. But expected to see only the last snapshot left.

Then i don’t change files list and do the backup again. Now i have 4 snapshots. Then after i run resticr forget --verbose --keep-daily 1 --prune i get only 3 left. So the 3rd one was removed and the 4th one remained.

So my question is: am i right that because the first 2 snapshots were done with different config (files list) they are treated as unique snapshots and will never be removed (only explicitly)?

Yes (to the first part of your question), yes to the second part unless you add
–group-by host
to the forget command, which will then keep just the single snapshot.

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