First backup using Backblaze

I’m moving out from Dropbox and I’ll use a custom solution based on restic/Backblaze for backup, syncthing for sync and dropshare for sharing files. I’m doing my first backup using restic/Backblaze and I have a fast upload link.
When I run the “restic backup” command, the following message appears:

[2:39] 40271 directories, 295866 files, 790.570 GiB
scanned 40271 directories, 295866 files in 2:39

Checking b2 bucket, the total number of files and file size is stuck with the same amount for several hours, but the restic process is still running:
“accountId”: “xxxxxxxxxxx”,
“bucketId”: “xxxxxxxxxxx”,
“bucketInfo”: {},
“bucketName”: “xxxxxxxxxxx”,
“bucketType”: “allPrivate”,
“corsRules”: [],
“fileCount”: 139331,
“lifecycleRules”: [],
“options”: [],
“revision”: 2,
“totalSize”: 729115220815

Of course, I know the number of files won’t match, but the total size is pretty close and, considering deduplication, maybe the final total amount. The problem is the process keeps running and, if I try to list the snapshots, none is found!
I just want to make sure that everything is ok…

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If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about computers it’s that almost all of the times you’re wondering if they’re actually doing anything, they’re doing something. And that you should give them ample time.

If the process is using a lot of CPU and/or disk I/O and/or network I/O, or seems to be doing some work any other way, let it run. Have patience.

You mentioned a point I forgot. The process was almost idle for hours, but I think you gave me luck! The process is consuming now a lot of resources!

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Awesome :slight_smile: Let it run :smiley: