Fatal: wrong password or no key found

Just completed a back-up which lasted about 3 hours. But then when I try to check or to start a backup I get the message: Fatal: wrong password or no key found

When checking the backup I get “rclone: 2019/08/27 20:48:10 ERROR : keys: error listing: directory not found”. I’ve even tried to reinitialise, but (correctly) it won’t allow me to: “Fatal: create key in repository at rclone:buffalo:disk2/jt/vultr failed: repository master key and config already initialized”

I’m sure that the password must be right. I used it 3 hours ago. How do I debug this? What does it mean “no key found” - where should it be, local or remote?

Help appreciated

After finding some old documentation about the file structure of the repo, it appears that the “keys” folder had been deleted accidentally. So I’ve started again. Hopefully this was the only issue :slight_smile:

Any idea why that folder was missing/deleted?

Which version of restic did you use? What documentation did you find?

The answers may not only help others discovering this thread, but also us to improve restic :slight_smile:

I’ve now worked it out. It seems that both the “Keys” and “Locks” folders were deleted. Items that were created at initialisation.

I remember stopping another sync process to the same folder that I thought I had got just before backup with Restic started, but obviously not :frowning:

Anyway I have done a full backup again and also one incremental so that 2 snapshots are showing.

All working absolutely fine as intended. Just my fault for not catching the previous sync process in time.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

The version I am using is the very latest: 0.9.5 (on a Centos 7 machine with the repo on a Buffalo LS220D accessing via FTP using rclone)

Also I found this documentation for 0.4.0, which sets out the file structure of the repo: [https://restic.readthedocs.io/en/v0.4.0/Design/](http://Restic 0.4.0 - Design). Though the new documentation is very good at saying what to do, it may not give enough background information to the structure and principles of Restic