--exclude not behaving as expected

I am running the following command:

restic -r /backups/restic backup /home/grk --exclude='/home/grk/.dbus'

but restic still tries to access the .dbus directory:

enter password for repository: 
password is correct
using parent snapshot 34ce3d6d
scan [/home/grk]
error for /home/grk/.dbus: open /home/grk/.dbus: permission denied

I am running the following version:

restic 0.8.3 (v0.8.3-159-g2aa6b496) compiled with go1.10.1 on linux/amd64

What am I doing wrong?

I don’t really think this could be the problem but anyways, syntax is: restic -r /backups/restic backup --exclude='/home/grk/.dbus' /home/grk. You could also try to use double quotes instead of the single ones.

Also, this restic version is old. I know it is the one on the Debian/Ubuntu repositories, but you could easily update downloading the latest version from the project’s release page. There’s a PPA somewhere from another restic user with updated versions but using a PPA is pretty useless with restic, since it can update itself with self-update command (available from 0.9.3 onwards, if I’m not mistaken).

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To be fair, being able to receive all updates through a single package manager simplifies administration.

That is completely true. I do see now that my comment sounded a little harsh and undermining when referring to the PPA, but honestly, that was not what I meant at all.