Exclude folder?

I was wondering if someone could confirm this command to exclude a folder?

              /usr/local/bin/restic -v backup --exclude /media/mounts/zeus/Informatica/Base\ de\ datos/ /media/mounts/zeus

so it would backup all of the /media/mounts/zeus besides Base\ de\ datos/ would this be correct? I also know about the --dry-run but i guess it only works when its forgetting snapshots?

Thank you

I think it’s okay. I’ve used this and at least the format in “/Base\ de\ datos/” is okay. It works. I would make a test and mount the repo to see if it worked. Por cierto, no había visto gente aquí que hablara español. Woot!

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Thanks for the reply, haha yes south America Colombia, is there a way i could dry run it?

Puerto Rico, but Latin America is just one :smiley:. As for the --dry-run, I think that’s only available for forget. Makes sense because backup is to add data and a real problem would be to delete data using forget that maybe you didn’t wanted to delete in the first place. But, if with the backup you look at the output you’ll see the directories being backed up.

Also, you can create a dummy directory to make a testing repo to see if it works, if that’s what you want to do because testing in a large directory could be a hassle sometimes.