ETA during restic backup (0.15)

We just upgraded our restic client to 0.15.

While performing restic backup we noticed that the ETA seems to be gone, missing or suppressed.

Looked at the Changelog for 0.15 as seen here:

Enhancement #3931: Allow backup file tree scanner to be disabled

The backup command walks the file tree in a separate scanner process to find the total size and file/directory count, and uses this to provide an ETA. This can slow down backups, especially of network filesystems.

The command now has a new option --no-scan which can be used to disable this scanning in order to speed up backups when needed.

I would guess that this enhancement removes the ETA. However, I’m not currently using the “--no-scan” option.

Is this a minor bug…perhaps mostly cosmetic?


Nope this is unrelated to the --no-scan option, the missing ETA is a bug: ui/backup: Fix percent and eta in backup progress by aneesh-n · Pull Request #4167 · restic/restic · GitHub