Error: failed: client.BucketExists: 400 Bad Request***

Hello Expert.
I am very new to restic.I have installed k8up in my k8s environment with S3 storage.
I am testing backup by following tutorial Backing up Kubernetes Clusters with K8up :: K8up Kubernetes Backup Operator and got an issue with restic.

logs from Backup POD:

I NFO k8up.restic initializing
INFO k8up.restic setting up a signal handler
INFO k8up.restic.restic using the following restic options {“options”: [""]}
INFO k8up.restic.restic.RepoInit.command restic command {“path”: “/usr/local/bin/restic”, “args”: [“init”, “–option”, “”]}
INFO k8up.restic.restic.RepoInit.command Defining RESTIC_PROGRESS_FPS {“frequency”: 0.016666666666666666}
IO **### k8up.restic.restic.RepoInit.restic.stderr Fatal: create repository at s3:http://s3-endpoint/mybucket failed: client.BucketExists: 400 Bad Request
INFO k8up.restic.restic.RepoInit.restic.stderr
unable to start k8up: failed to initialise the restic repository: cmd.Wait() err: 1

Could you please provide some input to solve this problem.

Which restic version are you using and which S3 storage? Have you set the correct S3-region?