Disable restic maintenance


I have 2 Kubernetes cluster, on each I have installed velero/restic in order to backup a cluster (production) and to restore on the other.

My problem is that the second one performs the restic maintenance when the other try to performs the backups.

The result is that the backup failed because the maintenance runned by the second cluster lock the restic repositories.

I try to disable the maintenance by changing the yaml file like :

  backupStorageLocation: xxx-xx
  maintenanceFrequency: 0h0m0s

maintenanceFrequency: Never

or maintenanceFrequency: forget

But the maintenance is executed or the restic repositories can’t be reached because the parameter is an unknown value.

Is it possible to disable the maintenance ?

Thank you

You are really talking about Velero specific things here - none of the stuff you talk about is something that is a restic thing (e.g. “maintenanceFrequency”) - restic has nothing to do with this or the yaml file, etc. I think you need to find help within the Velero community.

That said, your backup, assuming it’s scheduled, will presumably run next time it’s triggered and the maintenance is completed.