Default Restic Configuration shows only last 10 snapshots?


The default run of restic shows only last 10 saved snapshots.
I can see from the documentation there is a "forget --keep-last n" command which can be run to set the a policy for removing and pruning snapshots.

Can anyone help me on how to check what is the current forget policy being applied?
Is the --keep-last 10 applied as default and it is a part of a best practice ?

Can you show us the command which makes you think this is the case?
For example I just created a dummy repo and made 11 snapshots. This is what I see:

$ restic snapshots
repository 7dea537f opened successfully, password is correct
ID        Time                 Host        Tags        Paths
ebe02e3f  2021-12-23 09:38:17  mint                    /home/moritz/Downloads
7ef99d2b  2021-12-23 09:38:20  mint                    /home/moritz/Downloads
7fdf2c47  2021-12-23 09:38:22  mint                    /home/moritz/Downloads
4060a62d  2021-12-23 09:38:23  mint                    /home/moritz/Downloads
a93b898c  2021-12-23 09:38:25  mint                    /home/moritz/Downloads
20993c11  2021-12-23 09:38:26  mint                    /home/moritz/Downloads
d2a01fd8  2021-12-23 09:38:28  mint                    /home/moritz/Downloads
a6fb3fae  2021-12-23 09:38:29  mint                    /home/moritz/Downloads
79ee40f7  2021-12-23 09:38:31  mint                    /home/moritz/Downloads
d73b68d3  2021-12-23 09:38:32  mint                    /home/moritz/Downloads
9ef72123  2021-12-23 09:38:41  mint                    /home/moritz/Downloads
11 snapshots

(the list in the output shows all present snapshots)

Restic will fail if you just run restic forget without applying a forget policy.

$ restic forget
repository 7dea537f opened successfully, password is correct
no policy was specified, no snapshots will be removed

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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In my case, It always shows 11 snapshots, regardless of the restic forget policy.

It shows those when you do what?

Please show the command you run and it’s output, do a backup, show same command and output.

forget will apply exactly the policy you specify when you run it. And if you do not run forget then nothing will be forgotten.

Restic does not remember policies between individual runs of forget, you have to specify each time.

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@kapil Please understand that it’s rather respectless to ask for help without even providing the slightest information about what you are actually doing. Noone here can read your mind, and we can also not mentally reverse engineer the output you did not show us to know what command you did not show us. In short, when reporting a problem or asking for help, regardless of where and about what, always include the command, any relevant context, and all of the output. Thanks!