Couple of noob questions

I’m currently trying to use restic to backup my personal data to backblaze b2 and there’s quite a lot to send - including videos and music.

I’ve just got back from a brief holiday and was hoping I could get a backup of my vide so done while I was away, but it failed after about 149GB - unfortunately, I closed the window (like an idiot!), so I don’t have the exact error.

I thought I’d try again, but in smaller increments - i.e. upload a directory of videos one night and then another the next night etc. - I assume this would work fine and the videos would all still be considered part of the same collection of files when I eventually run a backup on the whole thing (which should be fine since little would have changed)? I hope that made sense…

My second question is to do with interacting with b2. Integrity checking seems to involve what they call “class B” transactions - which makes sense, obviously restic has to do some downloading in order to check integrity! My question is how much needs to be downloaded? Since I have to pay for every one of these checks (albeit a tiny amount so far) I’d like to understand how they work so I can figure out the expected costs…

It is fine to do that, although you’ll end up with several snapshots: One containing the first bunch of files, the next containing the second and so on. When you run a final backup of all the data that you’d like to store (most already present in the repo) then it’ll upload almost nothing and you’ll end up with a snapshot of all the directories/files combined. You can then manually clean up the snapshots you don’t need (use restic snapshots and restic forget [id] for that).

I’m sorry but I cannot say that, it depends on many different factors. You’ll probably need to try it.

That’s fine - it’s more or less what I was expecting - as long as I end up with a “unified” snapshot in the end I’m happy.

Fair enough - does anyone else in the community have experience with B2 who can chime in on this?