Cloud backup + network down. Any timeout?

Hi there,

I’m using restic to backup to Backblaze B2 with this fantastic scheduler: GitHub - erikw/restic-automatic-backup-scheduler: Automatic restic backup using Backblaze B2 storage, Linux systemd timers, macOS LaunchAgent, Windows ScheduledTask or simply cron

I have noticed that when I run restic ... and network (or Internet) is down, the restic process just keeps waiting, and as soon I turn my WiFi on, the restic command continues.

I’m wondering if there is a timeout for restic to exit with error when the target repo is on cloud and network is down or unreachable; or just keeps waiting with no timeout. I tried to wait a few minutes but it seems that it didn’t stop (maybe I need to wait more).


This is unfortunately a known problem of the B2 backend: restic hangs when not connected to the internet · Issue #1883 · restic/restic · GitHub . The other backends retry a few times before failing the currently running command. The B2 backend will retry indefinitely in some cases.