--cleanup-cache ignores exclude file

Odd one… not sure if this is operator error, a bug in the script I use to call things, or an issue in restic, so I thought I would see if anybody else had noticed it.

Ran a backup - if flagged that I had an old file in cache and should run --cleanup-cache to clear it.

So I just recalled the last command, added the “–cleanup-cache” and let her make another backup. Which looked like it was going to be huge. That didn’t track since I just made a backup. Noticed it was backing up files which should have been excluded.

Stopped the job, re-ran without the --cleanup-cache and back to nornal.

Expected? Operator error?


That’s odd. Do you maybe still have the exact command line how you called restic both times, e.g. from your shell’s history? That may help us figuring out what’s going on.

I’m sorry… you pointed me in the right path (reminded me that my shell script has a debug mode that will dump the full command line) and I found it was a bug in my shell script I use to wrapper restic - I should never have doubted you :smile:

Now to figure out how to fix that, but that’s my problem…

(slinking away quietly)

Awesome! I’m glad you figured it out by yourself!

Oh, please do! I make plenty of dumb errors (not only while programming) :wink: