Check repository without decryption

Hello everyone,

I’m backing up via restic to a remote server. I’d like to check the remote repository for errors but downloading all data will take too long to do this regularly.

My idea is to use the regular check on a subset of data to check for internal consistency of the backups. In addition to that I’d like to run checks on the remote server itself.

I don’t want to keep the encryption keys on the remote server so the only option is to check the files without decrypting them. Therefore I’d like to add a check mode to restic that will only check the presence of expected files (config, at least one key, snapshots, data etc.) and their SHA checksums without any actual knowledge of the content.

I’ve done a test implementation as an external tool but I’d like this to be a feature of restic itself.

Please let me know what you think about this idea.