Check if file contents stayed the same

I moved files from one disk to another and did a restic backup before and after. Restic read all data again and reported that 100% of the files have changed. I understand that the timestamps and inodes (ext4) have changed. But I confirm that the file contents are the unchanged between two snapshots? (I can run sha256sum myself but I guess restic could do it for me much faster).

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Sorry for the noise. restic diff does just that and has a different notion of “changed” files than restic backup.

restic diff <snapshot before> <snapshot after> does just what I wanted (as long as I don’t use the --metadata flag).

The meaning of the letter U when using restic diff --metadata was hard to find in the docs. Restic calls it a “modifier” and it is mentioned in this table: Scripting — restic 0.16.5 documentation

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There is a pull request (4906) for the documentation now. This small table would have helped me to understand the restic diff command better.