Check ends with Segmentation fault


When I run restic check on my restic backup destination I end up with a Segmentation fault after using up all my memory… ( ~ 15GB )

./restic -vvvv check
using temporary cache in /slow-backup/bkup-mrixvip/restic-tmp/restic-check-cache-771019251
repository a9aced2d opened successfully, password is correct
created new cache in /slow-backup/bkup-mrixvip/restic-tmp/restic-check-cache-771019251
create exclusive lock for repository
load indexes
Segmentation fault

I did run first rebuild-index this was running without any errors.

Thanks Manuel

Hello @moetiker, ’

Presuming you mean RSS: yes, I’ve often seen restic restore using more than 15GB (sometimes much more), so no surprises here.

And sometimes (depending on OS – what’s yours?) an out-of-memory situation can lead to programs getting segfaulted.

Do you have swap? Did it get filled first?

– Durval.