Cant restore files from Wasabi backup

I made test backup of my macbook to Wassabi trial. All backups went ok.
However, once I try to recover file nothing happens.

What I do (filename has a space in it):
restic restore latest --include “/Users/paul/Desktop/test large.mp4” --target /tmp/restore-work -v

What I get on console:
repository 246573f9 opened successfully, password is correct
restoring <Snapshot efdefeef of [/Users/paul] at 2019-10-28 11:14:23.960825 +1000 AEST by paul@BabyMarvin> to /tmp/restore-work

And restic exits immediately. What am I missing?

Hi @ppoloskov and welcome to the restic community :slight_smile:

Possibly your path you provided was wrong. I used your command exactly like you but altered it a bit like so:

╭─ moritz@mint  /tmp/tmp.lzFURyCvDr                                                                                                                                                                                  400  10:27:50  
╰─ restic restore latest --include "*.mp4" --target .

Then checked my output and there definitely were mp4 files there.
Maybe check your file path again - maybe don’t specify the path at all but just the filename.

Thank you @moritzdietz
Turns out the file I was about to restore wasn’t in the latest snapshot.

Ha! Well that makes sense then :stuck_out_tongue: Glad you were able to figure it out.