Can't list snapshots by tag

Huh. Have I found a bug? I can’t seem to list snapshots by tag (see the bottom of the second screenshot). I do this all the time at the office using Restic 0.12.1 on Catalina. Only difference here is, I’m running Monterey on my personal machine. Omitting -c doesn’t help. Using any other tag doesn’t work either. Am I having a moment and getting the syntax wrong or is this a bug? :thinking:

I mean it’s not a huuuuge deal cause I can always get what I want like this, but I just wanted to report it in case it’s an actual bug. Happy to do further investigating or file an issue on GitHub if it’s warranted. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing something dumb first haha

Drobo is a host, not a tag :smiley:


I knew I was doing something dumb LOL. Thanks! :man_facepalming:

At the office I generally search by tag (I tag all the users). At home it’s pretty much done by host. I need coffee. Thanks for the hand holding hahaha

This is also what happens when I don’t take my ADHD meds on the weekend hahaha