Cannot access repo in Digital Ocean bucket with other user


I initialized a restic repository in a DO bucket from my laptop with my personal user and it works perfectly. Now I want to push some other file from a server and (of course) another user to the same repository.

I use the same DO credentials but I get the following error:

unable to open config file: Stat: Access Denied.
Is there a repository at the following location?

So, from my laptop and my user I still can access that repo with the same creadentials but I cannot from another server and/or user. Is this a known behavior? Am I missing something?


I’m pretty sure the reason is that you’re using sightly different versions of restic on both machines, and you’ve run into this (third bullet point in the ChangeLog for 0.8.0):

The s3 backend used the subdir /restic within a bucket if no explicit path after the bucket name was specified. Since this version, restic does not use this default path any more. If you created a repo on s3 in a bucket without specifying a path within the bucket, you need to add /restic at the end of the repository specification to access your repo:

So you probably need to specify the repo location as follows:
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