Can you remove tags from snapshots?

I found this very short section on restic tag in the docs on the latest version, 0.15 currently.

I also found this page. It talks about “restic-tag” but then proceeds to expand seemingly on restic tag.
It doesn’t seem to be part of the restic documentation. At the bottom of the page it says “Jan 2017”.
However, going restic tag --help at the CLI seems to produce the same info.

I am just wondering what the “usage”/“synopsis” there means: i.e.

restic tag [flags] [snapshot-ID …]

… does this mean you have the possibility of supplying a list of IDs to which the command applies? If so, do you just separate by commas?

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Tags can be removed. The syntax allows for removing one or more specific tags from one or more snapshot IDs, including latest. As vaguely shown by the syntax, snapshot IDs are separated by spaces.

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