Can restic be ported to Haiku

Haiku is moving right along, and recently release Beta2 of the OS.
Is it reasonable to port Restic to this platform?

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When the Go programming language supports Haiku, then it should be rather easy to port restic. Without support for Haiku in Go it will be more or less impossible.

go shows version 1.4.3 on this nightly build version of Haiku.
“go version 1.4.3 haikui/amd64”

I don’t know go, or whatever rclone is written in.

I’m not sure how upgrading go would proceed. but I’m happy that it may be soon.

Well, you can start by trying to build and test master on haiku.

just clone the source repo, install go and use the makefile.

make and make test are the commands you want.

I spoke with a maintainer in the Haiku IRC channel, and the current release of Go in Haiku is 1.4.3, then there’s a new port that’s 1.12 but not yet working.

So for now it’s seemingly not doable I suppose.

Thank you. I’m disappointed, but I now understand the situation.

I’m sure we’ll see Go support in Haiku in a matter of time… We just have to be patient, not to mention that everyone interested in Haiku are highly welcome to contribute with whatever they can - be it code (e.g. to fix the Go package or something else), to new ports, to documentation, or just helping out answering questions in the IRC channel and any other forums. It seems to me that Haiku is progressing steadily albeit slowly. Better that than rapidly and uncertainly :slight_smile: