Can repository keys be associated with limited permissions?

Hi! I was wondering if there are plans to implement permissions for repository keys/passwords? It’s OK if you’d rather keep the security simple and not implement various permissions – in fact I think that’s great – but I figure I’d ask.

My use case is if multiple users back up to the same repository (to benefit from more global deduplication), not all users should be able to restore other users’ files. In other words, a key might be limited to only certain snapshots or hosts. This is something we might like at our lab. It’s not vital (we can live without the extra deduplication), but it would be nice to have. :slight_smile:

(I did a search in the issues and forum for this, but mostly got results about file permissions, which isn’t what this is about.)

AFAIK, what you are asking for is currently not possible. But there was some discussion on Github about asymmetric backups. Note that this requires the repository format to be changed which was discussed in this topic.

Got it – thanks for the pointers!