Can forget/prune be run remotely

I backup to a reasonably beefy storage server (FreeNAS device), using the rest-server interface.

Presuming I can ensure that backups and repo maintenance operations do not happen simultaneously, would it be possible to run any expiry operations (forget and prune) on the storage server - thus cutting out the network link? Or does the client end hold state in a way that would make tampering with the remote repository a very bad idea.


Yes, this is possible, as long as the storage server has a repository password.

The clients hold some state in the form of a cache, but a prune will rebuild the indexes which will invalidate much of the client cache.

I am doing excatly that on my local restic server. And that server does that on my Wasabi S3 restic repo, such as that my clients don’t have to bother with it.