Cache management without prune

So, maybe I’ve been doing this wrong, but I have (for example) a laptop backing up to a local NAS running Minio - works great.

Due to performance, I run weekly cleanup/prunes from the NAS device itself (very fast with it all local)… never run prune on the laptop (Mac if it matters).

So I discover I’m running out of disk on my Mac - the restic cache is large, really large. Reading, it seems that it only gets cleaned up by running a prune.

I’ve kicked one off and it’s chewing away (this will take a while).

Is there some better way to do this? Do I have to just run prune locally periodically?


I have the same problem with a client. Backing up what I’d guess is a few tens of GBs, the cache still grows to three-digit GB sizes. If I delete the cache it’s recreated (you can do that too, deleting the cache between restic runs won’t hurt) but starts hogging disk space again, growing several GBs per week. I’m guessing it’s related to how much metadata and such are saved with each run, which I started trying to figure out in Tracking down large metadata changes .

Perhaps our symptoms have a common root cause.