Backup failure with Go error messages


We are not able to backup directories/sub directories which has millions of files. The job fails with several GO error messages. We are not able to pin point the problem. The error message is not helpful either. Has anyone in the community experienced this problem?

The directory in question has 14 million files organized in several sub directories. It is not one directory which has 14 million files.

Operating system: RHEL 7.8

$ restic version
restic 0.12.0 compiled with go1.15.8 on linux/amd64

Snippet from the backup logs:

fatal error: fault
[signal SIGBUS: bus error code=0x2 addr=0x48511a pc=0x48511a]

goroutine 25 [running]:
runtime.throw(0xf902a3, 0x5)
        /usr/local/go/src/runtime/panic.go:1116 +0x72 fp=0xc017307068 sp=0xc017307038 pc=0x435e12

Any help is much appreciated.

Is this the full stack trace? Have you tried a more recent restic version? Which command is crashing exactly? Is /tmp a normal directory or another filesystem?